The Big Book of Chic 60x80x4.5cm

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The Big Book of Chic 60x80x4.5cm (114644)

Add an artistic accent to your home with The Big Book of Chic 60x80x4.5cm (114644) Pearl frame / Mirror frame. This Pearl frame / Mirror frame will provide interesting reflections, mild illusions, and beautiful plays of light in your interior. You can mount it to the wall with the supplied hanging system.

HOW TO CARE YOUR YOUR Pearl frame / Mirror frame
Since damage to the surface can easily detract from its original beauty, taking precautions is worthwhile. Do not place anything that has rough and sharp bases on a glass surface. Avoid scratches and water rings on glass and metal. Don’t use abrasives or cleaners containing ammonia or acid, since such products can destroy the silver backing and edges of your Pearl frame / Mirror frame.


Weight 9.4 kg
Height 80 cm
Width 0 cm
Length 4.5 cm

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Material Glass
Color Multi Color
Shape rectangle
Style Classic
With picture Yes
Theme Fashion
Weight 9.4 kg
Height 80 cm
Length 4.5 cm